Ability Tests

Predicting performance at all levels

No matter how many candidates you have, whatever their level and wherever they work, cognitive ability tests are a safe bet for predicting performance.

Quickly highlighting an individual’s strengths and development areas, these assessments save valuable time and resource when sifting, selecting and identifying talent.

That’s why many of the world’s biggest recruiters choose ability tests like Logiks. Easy to implement and fast to complete, Logiks can deliver scientifically grounded insight in minutes.

Cubiks offers a range of ability tests, available off-the-shelf or customised to your requirements – each designed to reliably forecast job performance.


Fast, effective assessment of ability

Understanding the strengths of your current and potential employees means you can make informed decisions, save time and improve performance. It’s easy to see why ability tests are such an important part of the sifting and selection stages.

With Logiks you can:

Test candidates with a unique series of verbal, numerical and abstract problems

Assess current and potential employees at all levels

Generate individual or group reports with ease

Assessing ability could not be easier. Logiks uses scientifically-grounded insight to quickly identify your top talent and filter out the least suitable candidates.

Questions are drawn at random from hundreds of possible tests to ensure fair, accurate and detailed assessments, with instant analysis.

All this is backed by the support of Cubiks Online, our user-friendly online platform for easy reporting and administration.

In Brief

Gain valuable insight into the strengths of current or potential employees

Unsupervised, online employment assessment tests to save time and resource

Different versions to cover candidates of all levels

Easy to set-up, quick to complete and every test is different to the last

Tests available in multiple languages for global organisations

Simple administration and instant reporting with Cubiks Online

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