Cubiks 360

Drive performance with high quality 360 reviews

Forward thinking organisations understand the strong reason for including 360 reviews in their performance appraisals. They lead to greater self-awareness, enable staff to view their behaviour from the perspectives of others, and encourage goal setting and skill development.

But they can also be time consuming for employees and HR departments.  

With Cubiks 360 you can:


Easily access flexible feedback collation and reporting online


Choose from six versions, with multiple languages for global organisations


Select customised or off-the-shelf solutions to suit your needs

Cubiks 360 is a flexible and fully customisable 360 degree feedback system. It is quick, efficient and simple to use, with users able to complete multiple reviews in one sitting. With more engaged reviewers, you can benefit from better results and greater insight into your employees’ strengths and development needs.  Need we say more?

Cubiks offers two approaches:

360-S (Scale) - a conventional scale approach which lets reviewers rate an individual against different competencies 

360-I (Ipsative) - which ‘forces’ people to note the strengths and development areas of their colleagues. Ideal when time is limited or when you need to quickly identify development actions.

Cubiks Leadership 360 as also available to collate feedback on current and future leaders.

In brief:

easily identify

Easily identify individual strengths and development requirements

Select flexible solutions including a dedicated leadership version

Find the best solution for your organisation with Cubiks customisation

Rely on Cubiks

Scientifically robust, designed by occupational psychologists and HR experts

Rely on cubiks

Rely on Cubiks Online, a simple platform that delivers over 120,000 Cubiks 360s every year

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