The launch of Cubiks Hire: Sift online with simplicity, speed and impact

We're proud to announce that Cubiks Hire, our brand new preselection solution has officially launched. Cubiks Hire keeps preselection simple; delivering inspiring online assessments that quickly identify those most suited to a specific role.

19th April 2016


Today’s employers face the challenge of attracting and identifying the best talent among high volumes of possible applicants. Historically, this has been a complex and resource heavy process. The R&D team at Cubiks has developed Cubiks Hire to streamline screening applicants, while offering them a great candidate experience.

With Cubiks Hire, recruiters can trust an approach that is grounded in science. Because it is driven by data, Cubiks Hire ensures that the very best talent is automatically filtered through to the selection stage. This means that time to hire can be cut by up to 50%, freeing recruiters to spend more face-to-face time with the people they most want to meet.

Martin Smith, Cubiks CEO said:

“We are proud to introduce this exciting new solution that builds on our market-leading portfolio of talent management tools and services. Employers today need straightforward solutions that tackle their HR challenges head-on. Cubiks Hire will do just this; enabling recruiters to manage the early application stage in an efficient way, while keeping their candidates engaged in the process.”

In creating Cubiks Hire, the Cubiks team has built on its reputation for building outstanding off-the-shelf and tailored talent management solutions. The best of both worlds is embedded in this solution, with a range of modules that allow employers to evaluate a candidate’s work style and preferences, and assess their ability and fit. In addition, Cubiks Hire can include employer branding, as well as customised content to highlight the company culture and offer candidates a job preview.

If you’d like to explore in more depth how to add speed and efficiency to preselection, please get in touch with us using the form below.




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