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Wherever you go, you're always part of the PAPI family. Why not start adding value through personality assessments at your new company?

Free feedback session

Demonstrate the power of PAPI with a complimentary feedback session delivered by a Cubiks consultant


Enjoy a 10% discount on the cost of any PAPI licences or credits purchased in year one


Free refresher training for alumni clients with prior PAPI certification

the family

We'll give you 25% off the cost of PAPI training for your new colleagues

If you’ve ever used Cubiks’ leading personality assessments, you’ll appreciate the value of being able to take such a powerful recruiting and development tool with you, wherever you go.

Staff inflow

Understand what aptitudes and insights new hires will bring to your organisation

Staff mobility

Determine an individual’s fit for a role or team using validated assessments and interview guidance

Staff development

Provide the development insights and coaching guidance needed to boost performance

Create your profile

Highlight how far candidates align with your organsiation's values and culture

Reporting excellence

Access to the full suite of comprehensive assessment reports




The Cubiks Alumni scheme is the quickest and easiest way to introduce world-class talent management solutions into your new organisation




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